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With business owners actively seeking alternative financing options to sustain business operations due to the rise of interest rates. Listed below is the Property Evaluation form. Upon completion, a decision to go forward with funding can be made in 24 hours.  Additionally, if there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Financing Options

Conventional commercial real estate loans from banks and other institutional lenders remain the most common way to finance projects. We can advise on positioning your deal to procure the most favorable terms.

Common Documents Required

Business Loans

  Business Loans - Requirements & Documents

  Real Estate Loan Product Summary - Requirement & Document


  U.S. Small Business Administration - 7(a) / 504 Loans and Surety Bonds

  Commercial Real Estate Loan Application

  1003 Real Estate Application

Loan Types

  • Permanent Loans - Long-term (often 5-10 years) amortizing loans for stabilized properties. Typically maximum LTV of 80%.

  • Bridge Loans - Short-term loans (6 months - 3 years) meant to bridge capital needs before securing permanent financing. May have floating rates and require payoff from refinancing/sale.

  • Construction Loans - For financing ground-up development projects. Disbursed in phases to fund construction draws.

Our Expertise

With over $2 billion in closed transactions, our team can position your conventional loan request to mitigate risk factors and stand out for competitive financing. We assist with financial modeling, sourcing from regional/national banks, CMBS conduits, debt funds, and foreign capital sources.​

Alternative Capital Options

Beyond conventional channels, here are some alternative financing vehicles to fund or supplement real estate projects:

Mezzanine Debt

  • Supplements senior financing up to 90%+ LTV

  • Typically 3-5 year terms at 8-15% target IRRs

  • Secured by ownership interest rather than real estate asset

Preferred Equity

  • Investors get preferential returns plus upside equity participation

  • Target returns in the 12-20% range

  • Secured only by property ownership interest

Crowdfunding & Syndications

  • Pool funds from multiple accredited and non-accredited investors

  • Structured as debt, equity, or debt/equity blend

  • Enables fundraising from broader capital sources

Opportunity Zones

  • Tax incentives for long-term investments in designated urban and rural opportunity zones

  • Ideal for ground-up developments or major repositions

Commercial Real Estate Analysis

Making wise investment decisions relies on rigorous analysis of key assumptions and variables. We provide clients bespoke modeling tools combined with our hands-on understanding of property underwriting.

Key Analysis Deliverables

  • 30-Year Cash Flow Projections

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Debt Coverage Ratio and LTV Calculations

  • IRR, NPV, Cap Rate Analysis

  • Absorption and Vacancy Forecasts

  • Rent Comps and Sales Comps

Market Research Reports

We closely track commercial real estate conditions across property sectors and geographic markets. Here is sampling of recent research:

Multifamily 2023 Outlook Report

  • Demographic trends driving apartment demand

  • Metro area pipelines and vacancy analysis

  • Market-level rent growth forecasts

West Coast Industrial Market Report

  • Trade flows, congestion, and e-commerce boom reshaping warehouse demand

  • Record-low vacancy and accelerating rent growth patterns

  • New construction lagging booming tenant demand

Phoenix Retail Sector Review

  • Population growth continuing to support retail expansion

  • Neighborhood center performance outpacing regional malls

  • Under-retailed submarkets with growth opportunities

We incorporate the latest property research into our consulting recommendations to target the most promising markets and strategies.

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